Movi M1. A new type of transport.

M1. Patient Transport Redefined.

M1 is our primary product for general acute care applications. It the result of over 3 years of research and development at the fourth largest academic medical research hospital in the country. 

Movi's patented, Powered Assist Lift (PAL) raises the patient’s center of gravity until it’s centered over the legs, mimicking the biomechanics of standing from a seated position. Compared to a patient transport device without PAL, patients can stand with less effort, and less stress is placed on staff when they are required to provide assistance. Foot pedals rest flat and flush to the floor during transfer, eliminating the bending efforts required by healthcare staff when dealing with conventional footrests.

In addition, the powered drive system used for lifting also enables health care staff to position the patient into a comfortable and secure range of semi-reclined transit positions. Movi seating postion has a low center of gravity providing great stability and high comfort levels while promoting neutral spinal posture.

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Powered Assist Lift (PAL)

 M1's patented, Powered Assist Lift (PAL) is the only system of kind that places the footrest flush to the flush and then allows the entire seat to raise or recline. PAL enables users to have a full range of standing to sitting positions. 

 1. Motorized Lift. Movi is powered to raise and lower the seat. Our motor, control and battery system is similar to the powered adjustment in your car seat, and uses precision, heavy-duty components made by LINAK - one of the leading manufacturers of motors for medical applications in the world. 

 2. Flush-to-Floor Footrests (FTF). in the raised forward position, M1's footrest go completely flush to the floor. Staff no longer need to touch them. FTF also minimized any tripping hazard by enabling the patient to simply walk up to the chair and sit down. 

3. On-Board Battery. The battery is a simple, plug and play design, similar to the battery pack on your electric drill, only 4X larger. With enough power to typically run for over a week, the battery has a built-in indicator showing power levels at all times. When it gets low, just plug into the (included) wall charger to fully recharge in 3 hours.