Movi Stories

John Higgins
son of David Higgins 

"My dad was 6’ 4”, 240 lbs, and the Movi changed the way we were able to live our life and help my father through his tough times. It made it so much easier and made our life, and his life, so much easier." 

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Matt Ford, PhD
Chair, Department of Physical Therapy

Samford University

"I’ve been a physical therapist now for about 17 years, in the academic setting for 12 years, My background is primarily working with adults with neuralgic deficits in acute care settings, in patient rehab settings, as well as home health, or outpatient settings.

In terms of now in academia, in research, I work primarily with persons with Parkinsons Disease, from looking at interventions to trying to improve their mobility, to community health and wellness programs to try to improve their overall health, wellness, whether it is living at home, or getting out and about in the community."

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Marcia Ward
daughter of Elbert Curtis Henson

"But then as he became more and more stationary in that wheelchair, I was not happy about how it fit... And I started looking for something else. And didn’t find a whole lot of information about anything I thought was an improvement. His physician and I discussed that there should be a different kind of wheelchair for people who could not be able to ambulate themselves with their hands... I thought perhaps, he was a gerontologist, that maybe he did, but he did not.

So I had just been on the lookout for several months, just to see if I saw anything and then The Birmingham News ran a newspaper article that had it on the front page of the paper, and I read the paper, so I was excited, went online, watched the video, was very excited, emailed right away, and was able to purchase one. I was thrilled that I could get one."

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