M1: Home Health Care Redefined


M1 is Movi's primary product. It the result of over 3 years of research and development at the fourth largest academic medical research hospital in the country. 

The loss of physical mobility is difficult at best. When someone you care about is forced into a wheelchair, whether through age or illnesses such as Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease - what often follows is a swift and heartrending loss in their quality of life. In a sense, the wheelchair defines their limitations and accelerates their physical decline. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Movi is not a wheelchair, but a new product with features that meet specific home health care needs. Designed around the human form, Movi is a giant leap forward in comfort and safety. It allows you or your loved one to remain engaged with family and life far longer. It may even delay the need for assisted living. But most importantly, Movi’s advanced design and improved ergonomics help preserve your loved one’s health so that they enjoy a much greater quality of life for far longer.

The Power of The Lift

Movi's patented motorized lift enables users to have a full range of standing to sitting positions. Recline back or use Movi to stand up. We have the power to move you.

1. Motorized Lift. Movi is powered to raise and lower the seat. Our motor, control and battery system is similar to the powered adjustment in your car seat, and uses precision, heavy-duty components made by LINAK - one of the leading manufacturers of motors for medical applications in the world. 

2. On-Board Battery. The battery is a simple, plug and play design, similar to the battery pack on your electric drill, only 4X larger. With enough power to typically run for over 2 weeks, the battery has a built-in indicator showing power levels at all times. When it gets low, just plug into the (included) wall charger to fully recharge in 3 hours. 

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3. Hand Control. The control fits comfortably in your hand. It's as simple as 2 buttons - up and down.