Advanced Ergonomics: Features and Benefits


The Patient Assist Lift. (PAL).  Movi’s powered patient-assist lift mimics the biomechanics of standing, helping users enter and exit the chair with less assistance. It reduces the chances of slips and falls, while minimizing injuries that are caused by lifting people from a traditional transport chair. 

Flush to Floor Footrests (FTF).  Unlike the footrests of a traditional wheelchair, Movi’s footplate rests flat to the floor when patients are entering or exiting the chair. It’s also covered in a non-slip surface. It’s a patented design innovation intended to reduce slips and falls.

Better Ergonomics for Better Comfort. Sit for any length of time in a fixed position in a traditional transport chair and you’ll feel how painful bad ergonomics can be. With Movi, you can sit at a fully reclined 25° angle, which minimizes slumping and sliding. And because Movi can be easily adjusted with the push of a button, you can change positions frequently over time, reducing the chance of secondary conditions that may include pressure sores. Watch a short video that explains Movi's potential to address these issues.

Designed to Fit Almost Everyone. Movi’s seat profile is based on the Grandjean Curve. It is one of the most extensively researched seat profiles specifically design to accommodate users ranging in size from small women to large men, with the greatest amount of comfort and proper posture/spinal support.