UAB Kirklin Clinic, designed by I. M. Pei

Where did Movi come from?

The inspiration for Movi began, as innovations often do, with personal stories. Will Ferniany, PhD., is the CEO of UAB Health System, one of the four largest academic medical centers in the US. Based on his experience in senior leadership with several of the largest medical centers in the country, Dr. Ferniany recognized that there had to be a better way to transport patients with greater comfort and improved safety for both patients and staff.

Movi was developed through the guidance of an advisory team ranging from key hospital administrators to transport team members. The design team shadowed the staff experts, asked thousands of questions and went through numerous designs.

Creating the first production design was a multi-year process of prototype design evolution. The turning point came in developing the patented Powered Assist Lift (PAL). By having the chair mimic the biomechanics of standing up from a seated position, and by integrating PAL so that assistance was always there when staff needed it most, Movi solved a number of critical problems. 



In the 3 minute video below, Dr. Ferniany explains how this effort started.